It was a pretty good idea in the 50s of the last century to create a commercial union of several European countries after WWII which had damaged the economy everywhere.

After succeeding with the Marshall Plan the ECSC and the EEC was next to become reality. Moreover the Treaty of Rome includes that within 12 years the 5 countries (Germany, France Belgium, Netherlands and Italy) should have reached an adaption of systems in taxes, environmental regulations, unemployment, minimum wage and other economically important items.

How long can 12 years be?

Getting better and better with help of America their intention to carry out the contract objectives sank into oblivion.

The result is a huge labyrinth of more or less good ideas, perfectly disguised corruption and smarmy financial scandals.

This Europe is unrecognizable!

The days of happy strolling around Hyde Park corner, Moulin Rouge or dancing Flamenco midnight in Madrid, sitting in an Italian vineyard enjoying music or visiting Gothic churches in Cologne or Strasbourg are decreasing.

Now an ugly old toad imagines to be able to turn the reasonable guidelines of common sense into an oppression with thrifty behavior as the best way to advance. Is' it not an old recipe of communistic mindset, which ignored Europe?

What a shame for us all to do so and to be so stupid and believe that it is good for our future!